Your trophies after the hunt

After a safari the trophies taken are the proof of all the excitement and wonderful time to be shared with friends many, many years later. We appreciate this and therefore it is of utmost importance that the greatest care is taken in preparing your trophy.

After a trophy had been taken we transport it to the slaughtering shed as soon as possible where the field preparation is done. We take care to skin the trophy exactly the way you want it. The skinners are skilled and professionally trained. The trophy (hide, skull & horns) is labelled with your name on, to prevent confusion.

There are very strict conditions that we have to adhere to in order to export trophies. They have to be completely dried, hygienic, bleached and professionally treated. This is called the Dip&Pack Process.

We work with Rupert and Karl Dedekind of Universal Trophy Services for this purpose.

Please consult their website:

You can have your trophies mounted in the USA by your Taxidermist of choice or you can make use of Universal Trophy Taxidermy Service.

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